Frary Benchmark


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Cutout and contrast enhanced Position data

N 40 57.722

W 112 12.963

Elevation 6607

From the USGS data sheet comes the following information for the Frary Peak marker:
 LP0355                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
 LP0355  ___________________________________________________________________
 LP0355* NAD 83(1994)-  40 57 43.29698(N)    112 12 57.79312(W)     ADJUSTED  
 LP0355* NAVD 88     -      2012.3    (meters)    6602.     (feet)  VERTCON   
 LP0355  ___________________________________________________________________
 LP0355  LAPLACE CORR-           2.39  (seconds)                    DEFLEC99
 LP0355  GEOID HEIGHT-         -17.00  (meters)                     GEOID99
Using Mapsource to convert the data from Degrees.Minutes.Minutes to Degrees.Minutes.Seconds you Get:
N 40 57.722 W 112 12.963 (NAD 83)

The Horizontal position is within the round off error of the data while the altitude error is 5 feet.

Another photo of the receiver next to a marker just a couple yards away:

From the USGS data sheet, I get the following info, but I'm not completely sure how to compare it to the GPS receiver data:

 LP0355| PID    Reference Object                     Distance      Geod. Az  |
 LP0355|                                                           dddmmss.s |
 LP0355| CM4189 ANTELOPE RM 4                         2.300 METERS 11408     |
 LP0355| CM4187 ANTELOPE AZ MK                                     1574220.7 |
 LP0355| CM4188 ANTELOPE RM 3                         2.577 METERS 35346     |

I saved the position as a waypoint, which looking at the data with ExpertGPS shows the position as being off by 9.1 feet.

Benchmark Data